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How far in advance do I need to book Mondo Floral Designs?

The sooner you book with us the earlier your wedding is secured and scheduled into our calendar. Like all good wedding suppliers we get fully booked, and as weddings are all that we do, we can only take a limited amount of events each week. Starting the enquiring process, which can be easily begun after a phone chat and then some further information sent through to us, which can be organised via email, a preliminary quote will be sent through to you, capturing your needs and providing a summary of costs, and if you feel we are the right fit for your day and are happy to proceed, we provide our on-line booking process and next steps, which involve a Booking Form + Deposit to secure your date, and we suggest to confirm your booking with us as soon as possible.

Do I need to have dress/suit wedding party styling details confirmed before making an appointment?

It is a good idea to have your wedding dress or suit details in place before you start the flower planning journey, but it’s easy to start things without those elements in place, and we can walk you through the process. Your dress in particular, the design, and any fabric details all contribute to the process of choosing the right bouquet. Having a bit of direction regarding colour palette and the styling/décor concept of your wedding day are also good first steps to have in place or consider, all of these elements impact and assist us with the advice and direction we guide you to for the choices for floral designs. If you don’t have these decisions confirmed we can still make a start, and for some couples cementing the flower concept will actually help you with choosing the other elements for the day.

If I am attending the studio for a floral consultation what should I bring along to the appointment?

Bring along anything that is connected to the styling of your wedding! Dress images, material swatches, invitations, ideas for jewellery + accessories, inspirational images of flowers and wedding floral concepts, Pinterest link, snips and saves from Instagram and the web, we want to see it all! Every little detail that you have helps us to connect to your special day and allows us to create a floral brief that suits your wedding day perfectly.

Do I need to know exactly what I want before making an appointment?

Some of our couples have very firm ideas on the designs they would like for their wedding day, and that’s great. Don’t be concerned though if you are not that prepared, that’s what we are here for, to help and assist you and guide you through the floral maze. We have a beautiful studio filled with portfolios of our recent work, ideas and inspiration, and lots of images to inspire you, and if you do have the ability to make an appointment to see us we would really suggest to do so, it’s a great way to be inspired. However many of our couples live away from the area, interstate and often overseas, so be assured that if you can’t see us personally we can successfully manage your floral concept via email, and we have a fabulous digital process that we can guide you through that won’t compromise the end result in any way!

We receive so much feedback from our couples after visiting our inspirational wedding studio – that the in-studio meeting was so beneficial to their planning, so tangible and real! We are experts in colour, style and design, so wherever you are sitting in the journey of wedding planning, a visit in-studio will help you with the confidence and understanding that your beautiful details are all partnering together in harmony and effortless style. Seeing the vases, playing around with the vessel collections and textures of the tablescape, and investigating the ceremony structures, pots and accessories are all part of the in-studio meeting process.

Do you deliver my wedding flowers on the day?

Absolutely! The team at Mondo Floral Designs personally delivers each and every one of our weddings directly to you. One of our designers will hand deliver your beautiful bouquets, our designs are presented in one of our customised wedding boxes, we will also show you how to hold your bouquet, and some tips on holding and walking, surprisingly all this will come in handy! We then set-up the ceremony and reception floral concept, everything is personally executed by us, our design team on on hand for your event to ensure that everything is in place and your floral designs are handled by professional floral designers, so you don’t need to do anything! We work consistently with stylists and décor providers and connect in with them pre-wedding day to align our set-up schedules for the overall needs for your day.

What if I change my mind on certain things after I have booked you?

We understand that everyone changes their mind! Our initial proposal/quote to you captures an overall scope of floral needs, details will be further developed through the process, some decisions may not confirm until a few other elements align, and changes are accepted of course, and our terms and conditions which are available when booking explains the changes allowed after booking your concept.

What is the difference between a stylist and a floral designer?

Such a good question, and one that we get asked often! Here is a brief summary and some points to assist you with the differences.

  • Stylists DO NOT provide wedding flowers, and don’t usually possess the skills to design/work with flowers. They do work closely with us though by sharing clients details and information to allow their styling and décor concept to flow with style, colour and floral details, and so that both worlds align beautifully.
  • Stylists DO NOT provide vases/vessels to Mondo Floral Designs – we have our own large collection of beautiful vessels and vases so everything you need for your table flowers are provided by us!
  • We have a collection of plinths, pots, ceremony structures and a beautiful wedding inventory list that may be all you need for your wedding florals to be created with. We suggest that you dive into what we can provide you with initially and explore our range first.
  • Stylists DO provide all the ‘non-living’ styling elements for your day, such as linens, stationery, furniture, décor, candles, lighting and table accessories including table numbers, seating boards, entry signs etc and we work closely with your styling team to introduce florals that partner with these elements and ensure that everything flows.

Is it more expensive to get my flowers if I am getting married on a Sunday?

Not at all, whether it’s Monday, Saturday or Sunday, whatever day you choose to say ‘I Do’ it doesn’t make any difference here at Mondo Floral Designs, we create and design wedding flowers exclusively, whatever the day or time of the year. Public Holiday events do incur a surcharge.

How do I begin the wedding flowers process with Mondo Floral Designs?

Our steps are listed below

  • Reach out to us via our Contact Page, Studio Contact Number, Mobile, or Email
  • After we receive your enquiry, we love to connect in personally by phone, talking through the next steps and our processes, and finding out some further details regarding your day, providing you with options and how we begin for a digital quote or details and availability for an in-studio meeting, getting more connected with your needs, personal style, floral crushes and understanding your budget are all priorities.
  • A bespoke quote/floral proposal is provided to you, this enables you to get a good idea of the budget required to achieve your floral dreams. We work closely with you to direct you towards a concept that suits you financially and creatively.
  • Our booking process is required to confirm our services, we don’t hold dates without a booking.
  • Once formally booked in we continue to develop, tweak and curate your unique floral concept, if you haven’t met us personally by this stage we advise a studio meeting through the process if at all possible, otherwise we continue to communicate via Zoom and our digital platforms.

Please touch base with us via phone 07 54999479 or head to our contact page for further information!

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