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Mondo Floral Designs is led by creative director and founder Terrianne Foale, owner and principal designer at Mondo Floral Designs, and the design studio boasts a wedding styling team with years of experience in floral design.

Servicing many of the beautiful weddings all over the Sunshine Coast, Terrianne and her well experienced team confidently deliver breathtaking blooms, and offer a unique and individual floral styling service. The preferred floral design team for many venues on the Sunshine Coast, and the favoured floral partner for highly regarded wedding planners and stylists, the Mondo Floral Designs creative team are expert floral artists, designers and exectors of beautiful blooms.

Specialising in weddings — actually that is all we do — the Mondo Floral Design team are focused on weddings and get super excited about creating luscious floral concepts for your special day! Committed and devoted to our craft, clients embrace the experience, support and creative direction that our process provides, the Mondo creative team remaining at the forefront of wedding floral design, and leaders in the industry for wedding floral design,

Every bride has their own style, and here at Mondo Floral Designs we love to help you indulge in breathtaking blooms, actually that’s one of the most exciting parts of our job, meeting with clients, hearing your stories, finding out what inspires you. Guiding and advising you through the sometimes overwhelming rabbithole of wedding flowers, we are your advocates creatively and support you through the wedding flowers process, with consistant communication, in-studio meetings, digital chats, and a complete creative visual process to help you connect in completely with your wedding flowers journey.

The team at Mondo Floral Designs

Here at Mondo Floral Designs we like to think of ourselves as floral advocates for your wedding day. Each concept we create is individually curated and designed to suit your unique and personalised floral style. Our inspirational wedding studio is the perfect space to connect personally and talk through your wedding floral vision. Alternatively we can connect in digitally by Zoom, for couples who live interstate or overseas.

We guide you, advise you, share our knowledge and experience with you, immerse ourselves in your inspiration, add some of our lovely ideas and suggestions and create floral perfection, it’s something we are exceptionally good at, and our reputation speaks for itself! Not only are we awarded floral designers, but they also have a leading reputation that is second to none, highly regarded and recommended by the very best wedding venues on the Sunshine Coast, we have the knowledge and know how to guide you confidently and calmly through the wedding floral maze! Whetehr you have a firm idea of your floral direction, or are completely overwhelmed by the process, we will be your supportive creative friend, and hold your hand tightly through the journey.

Wherever possible we aim for sustainable floral design, selecting eco friendly options wherever possible, utilising a compost garden for waste and debris after events, and being mindful of the impact to the environment.

The Mondo Floral Designs team consist of a team of female creatives, all experienced, individually savvy, and uniquely gifted bloom designers. Boasting the most comprehensive and talented team on the Sunshine Coast our mission is to take charge of your inspiration, execute a floral story that is an extension of your vision and personal style, artfully and gracefully, guide you through the rabbithole of overwhelming flower options, and deliver you a breathtaking floral concept that will leave you in awe.

Terrianne Foale

Creative Director | Principal Designer

Terrianne Foale has had many years of experience as a floral designer, her professional career began as a junior florist in Brisbane and then progressed to owning two florists situated in inner city Brisbane. A qualified floral designer and trained educator in flowers, she is now permanently settled on the Sunshine Coas and has been creating wedding flowers here on the Sunshine Coast for 16 + years. Terrianne created Mondo Floral Designs in October 2005 and now specialises solely in Wedding and Event Flowers, leading her team and working from a brand new building, styled and completed for the Mondo brand. The inspirational wedding studio and interactive work space is filled with creative wedding ideas, styling and floral partnerships, our large collection of vases and vessels, ceremony structures pots vases and ground vessels, and everything you need to visualise your creative floral concept.

Terrianne’s career has seen her take charge of floral designs for celebrities, sporting identities and some of the mega stars of the world, including Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, Bernard Fanning, Elton John, and many more. Operating from her Sunshine Coast wedding studio and concentrating solely on wedding designs and creating floral concepts for her clients needs is her everything. Whether you are planning a large scale wedding celebration or a more intimate private affair, everyone is equally important, and each clients needs are nurtured and appreciated and then taken on her journey of conceptualising, and the curation of design and creative bloom style.

Much of what Terrianne takes charge of at Mondo Floral Designs is to create floral styling concepts for her clients, she has the creative ability to achieve individual and unique floral themes which reflect each clients specific wedding dream. Taking into consideration colour palettes and the overall styling of the wedding, Terrianne can assist you by bringing all of the elements into the floral styling concept to make sure your choices are going to flow perfectly with the entire wedding style.

With an acute understanding for the importance of floral designs and their immediate ability to enhance every wedding concept, Terrianne has an unrivalled enthusiasm to assist you with bringing your floral styling to life. Her professionalism, experience and personalised service enables her to understand each clients vision and the countless referrals she receives is testimony to her enthusiasm and commitment to bloom excellence for your day.

Terrianne - Mondo Floral Designs

As creative director and lead designer of Mondo Floral Designs, Terrianne lives and breathes flowers daily, and identifies it’s a very consuming and labour intensive career, one that she adores and freely admits that her ‘workaholic’ culture stems from her love of her craft, a strong desire to curate and identify new trends and floral styles, and continue at the forefrront of floral brands on the Sunshine Coast. With an enthusiasm for perfcetion and excellence, and a culture to nuture and support clients, life is busy in the hectic wedding floral and event space, but whenever time allows Terrianne loves to travel and explore new countries, has a keen interest in fashion, styling and interior design, and adores a food and wine experience. Her husband is her hero, and an integral part of the business for support and muscle, and her team is her family, and she loves to nuture and embrace life and every opportunity to grow, be educated, and experiment with new floral trends.

With an eye for detail and perfection your floral designs are in no better hands.  ‘Meeting clients, hearing their stories and building a floral concept that reflects their style is one of my favourite parts of this wonderful job I have. Flowers are an integral part of my being, they provide tranquillity, serenity and harmony to a space, and with wedding floral design, introduce colour texture and style to the day,  it will be forever a privilege to meet, inspire and share my knowledge of beautiful blooms to lovers about to say ‘I Do’. As the masterful French impressionist painter Claude Monet said ‘I must have flowers…. always and always.’ Contact the Mondo Floral Designs team to see how we can transform your wedding day with flowers to capture you, in a dreamy botanical way. Join us on this fun filled bloom journey, by either a personal meeting here in our studio, or via one of our many digital platforms, we can’t wait to meet you!.’

Katie - Mondo Floral Designs

Katie Nolan

General Manager | Senior Floral Designer

Katie is an integral part of the Mondo team, our GM here at Mondo HQ, Katie is also our senior lead floral designer. Katie completed her floristry training at North Brisbane Institute of TAFE, and after working 9 years in the floristry industry through central Queensland, Katie moved permanently to the Sunshine Coast in January 2016 to focus on the wedding floral scene and began working with the Mondo Floral Designs team soon after. Working closely with Terrianne for many years, her experience, exceptional design skills, understanding of the business, and unique floristry skills, are her combined strengths, and saw her promoted to General Manager in 2022, Katie is a valued senior team member, and a primary part of the business. Katie manages many of our weddings and directs our clients creatively and works alongside Terrianne to develop, finalise and execute floral concepts, and has an essential role in client communication, creative proposals and the design of wedding floral concepts. When she finds time away from the demands of floral design, Katie loves a good food and wine experience with her lovely partner, get togethers with friends and family, has a keen eye for interior design, fashion and industry trends, and is pretty equipped and ready for a retail therapy marathon.

Ali - Mondo Floral Designs

Ali Meri

Operations Manager

Ali is our Operations Manager and chief logistics guru here at Mondo HQ. Ali’s floral career has seen her work through Europe the UK and in Australia in Melbourne, before joining the Mondo Floral Designs team in October 2020. Ali is an imperative part of our operation and business model. Focussing on our daily operational schedule, product management and workroom flow, Ali provides an experienced and vital eye to the daily flow of Mondo Floral Designs. As a senior floral designer Ali also manages the design and execution of wedding concepts and takes a lead role in applying design processes and skills to our wedding and event schedule. Our Mondo ‘MacGyyer’ she’s armed with a level of enthusiasm, energy and love for her job that is influential to her daily ethos for excellence, and her unwavering commitment to her role.

Away from the Mondo madness, Ali loves to spend time with her family, her gorgeous twin daughters, and dinners and adventures with her beautiful husband. Ali’s kind and caring nature is a true asset for our team.

Rachel - Mondo Floral Designs

Rachel Marshall

Administration Manager

Rachel is our office and administration manager and design assistant, with an extensive background in management and administration Rachel is the forever turning wheel that keeps the schedule on MHQ running seamlessly, and an integral part of the Mondo Floral Designs team. Rachel ensures all client communication, scheduling, venue and supplier liaising and office administration runs with precision and expertise. Working for Mondo Floral Designs since 2012, she’s a huge support to the processes of the business and assists Terrianne with systems, flow and procedures to ensure a continued high level of practises.

Rachel is a true multi-tasker; you will often see her rocking a Mondo Floral Designs team shirt on a wedding day. She is always on hand to assist us with our set-ups and bump ins of our concepts each week. Our studio runs flawlessly with the assistance of Rachel’s wonderful organisation skills, knowledge, and contributions. Working alongside Terrianne for many years she provides vital support and assistance and co-ordinates and manages the flow and dynamics of the business. Away from Mondo HQ Rachel loves a good fitness training schedule and is often seen working out pre-dawn in the hinterland, as well as an adventurer lover, camping trips with her two daughters, beloved dog, and much-loved husband are planned each year.

Nik - Mondo Floral Designs

Nik White

Senior Floral Designer

Nik is our highly motivated, naturally friendly and energetic senior floral designer here at Mondo HQ, with a wealth of experience in floral design, and a resume that includes work in Sydney, Byron Bay and the Sunshine Coast, Nik’s creative floral attention is superb, and partnered with her interior design, merchandising assets and outstanding application skills, Nik is a much loved and essential part of the design team. Always armed with the capacity to take on new challenges, Nik prides herself on establishing respectful relationships and has a strong work ethic and positive demeanour and is always up for a good laugh. Our resident ‘people person’ Nik is kind and caring and loves a good chat! Managing many of our on-site wedding bump-ins, concept deliveries and event schedules, Nik is a calm and dependable floral designer and an important part of our team, consistently contributing creative flair to our floral concepts with experienced finesse. Days off for Nik are spent with walks on the beach where she’s often sighted with an almond croissant and a Chai latte in hand.

Moments exploring her beloved Sunshine Coast, dinners at her favourite Italian restaurant with her much-loved husband and daughter, are all highlights and wind downs for our Yoga lover, cat adorer and conversationalist Nik.

Monique - Mondo Floral Designs

Monique Bosker

Senior Floral Designer | Client Communication

Monique was a senior floral designer at Mondo Floral Designs for 8 years prior to returning to her family and home, in New Zealand in 2020. Monique has recently returned to the Mondo family and works remotely for us from across the ditch and manages client design changes, assists Terrianne with client proposals, final wedding design concepts, updates and client communication. Monique contributes greatly to our team, drawing on her years of floral design experience, and her understanding of the business, and processes within our brand, and continues to contribute with adding creative flair, kindness and a calm that we all aspire to. Each week Monique works from her home office, creating and collaborating on proposals and floral concepts, assisting with administration and office tasks, and she brings knowledge, experience and a unique design direction to our team. A new Mum with 2 gorgeous babes, and a much-loved husband, pooch and family by her side, we are grateful to have the opportunity to have Monique with us, connecting in with her by Zoom and phone regularly, she is an integral and valued part of the Mondo team.

Charlotte - Mondo Floral Designs

Charlotte Ramalli

Floral Designer

Charlotte is our emerging floral designer here at Mondo HQ and has been a part of the team since 2021. After completing an Arts Diploma and dabbling in flowers through retail, Charlotte fell in love with floral design and specifically weddings and event work. Gaining experience via the fast-paced business model that is wedding and event work, Charlotte is quickly developing her floral design skills and enhancing her expertise through supporting our senior designers and taking part in our wedding schedules. A natural creative, with innovative artistic flair, creating and designing with flowers comes naturally to Charlotte, and combined with her enthusiasm to learn, attention to detail and love for colour and everything blooming, Charlotte has a bright future in front of her and is a much loved, and loyal part of the Mondo team. A keen eye for fashion and design contributes strongly to her evolving design knowledge, and away from learning the trade of wedding floral design, Charlotte loves quiet days at home with her Frenchie ‘Hugo’, trips to the Hinterland markets, baking and plant nurturing.

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