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How to choose your wedding bouquets

Choosing wedding bouquets for your special day can often seem like a very difficult process but with some professional design assistance you will find your floral choices will fall gracefully into place, and that is what we are here for at Mondo Floral Designs to guide you through the sometimes confusing wedding flowers maze! There are quite a few details that you need to have in place prior to looking at choosing your wedding flowers, in particular it’s great if you have your wedding gown and your bridesmaids styling choices in place before looking at bouquet choices and colour selections for your floral concept.

The design, colour palette and style of your bridal gowns are an important component to consider when deciding on the overall design inspiration for your floral designs. The colour palette of your bridal party, their gowns and styling, impact the floral theme choices and it’s super important that the wedding flowers and bouquet styles floral create a styling accent to the gowns.

Before you embark on the process of choosing your wedding flowers it is important to have these decisions in place to allow the floral theme and the design process to commence. Each wedding is unique and individual and your personality and the inspiration of your wedding day will also enhance your wedding floral design choices. It’s a fabulously fun process and one that we love to assist you with, and help you make those right decisions to create an overall floral concept individual to you.


Luscious hand held posies, relaxed, formal or slightly unstructured in design.

We can assist you with guidance and our expertise in wedding floral design. It is part of our job to advise and assist you to make your floral design decisions, the best way to do this is to make an appointment to see us here in our studio. Bringing along samples of colour swatches, design sketches and gown images assists us in making the recommendations we feel will suit your styling, enhance your gown designs and accessorise your colour palette.

Every bridal gown is quite individual, and certain bouquet styles will suit designs in various trends, the skirt line of your bridal gown and the detail and individual fabric of that design will impact heavily on your choices for wedding flowers.

Full-skirted dresses with hoops tend to suit a vintage posy, round, formal and elegant in design. The style of this posy replicates the line of your full skirt and accentuates the oval of the design. Creating a soft look, it is feathery in texture and thick and full in roundness. A small posy best suits a bride smaller in stature, as it is petite in design.

Bodyline fitted gowns tend to suit cascading trail bouquets, or simple hand-tied informal posies, unstructured relaxed bouquets are also a great choice. A cascading bouquet will make you seem taller, as the line of vision will flow from the bodice to the natural line of your body. Modern contemporary cascading bouquets which are minimalist in design, yet long in construction, suits a gorgeous plunging neckline gown with a tight fitted skirt. Simple wedding gowns shout out for a little bit of floral style, an oversized Bohemian styled wedding bouquet would be a perfect choice, or a natural picked from the garden posy would also be a divine choice for a vintage inspired wedding gown.

MONDO001MM_Lovebirds_005Native bouquets by Mondo Floral Designs, Maleny

Divine trailing bouquets, cascading, slightly tiered or tear drop in design.