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Rose Mae And Andrew, House Of Laurels Maleny Wedding

Rose Mae and Andrew, House of Laurels Maleny Wedding

This gorgeous wedding was held at House of Laurels in November, and like many November weddings featured one of the most popular wedding blooms peonies! It was so much fun creating the bridal bouquet for Rose Mae, she wanted a punch of colour and a little bit of fun in her design, so we created a bouquet that included pink peonies, Fandango coral roses, David Austin roses, sweet Billy Buttons, flowering fillers and a couple of divine succulents! Her gorgeous gown featured a full skirt so the roundness of the bouquet accented her dress perfectly!

The bridesmaids gowns were a beautiful coral colour and we created simple posies of white peonies for them to hold.

The ceremony also featured peonies in the hanging structure that we placed above the couple and featured in the beautiful gazebo, we created a similar structure for inside the reception area, a slightly rustic design that then showcased peonies, lisianthus and roses, with a touch of baby’s breath.

The reception tables featured our beautiful white ceramic jugs and milk bottles and were the perfect accent for the bright punchy blooms that we continued through to the gorgeous reception area.

Beautiful images by Calli B Photography


House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-014 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-035 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-015 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-019 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-018 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-017 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-016 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-009 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-022 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-023 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-024 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-025 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-030 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-027 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-026 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-031 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-033 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-034 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-036 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-037 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-040 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-041 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-050 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-049 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-046 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-011 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-010 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-007 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-005 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-004 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-003 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-002 House-of-laurels-wedding-MA-001

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